Free Entertainment Tip – December 2018


December has always been viewed as a Holiday Month and there are special entertainments in almost every area in our country and in foreign countries too.  I always love to tell you about events in the New York area.  


Of course, I’m very excited about my own upcoming show in my series “It’s Just a Number!” at Don’t Tell Mama! It’s on this site’s page “Events – Theater Productions” (I’m honoring three “major” Broadway performers – one is also a known director and 7 noted performers will entertain you in their honor. (Shh…the Honorees will each do a number for you too!)


I’m also exited about appearing as a featured performer in Ann McCormack’s special Groovin’ on a Sunday’s Special 6th Anniversary Christmas Show! Woody Regan will be at the piano.


It’s an exciting month for many entertainment lovers.  You can share the excitement by attending a very special series.  This is the award winning musical theater festival  “Winter Rhythms”  is celebrating it’s 10th Anniversary at the Urban Stages theater located at 259 West 30th St. in Manhattan. Frances Hill is the Founding Artistic Director of Urban Stages. 


I’m thrilled to be a member of the Songwriters Alliance.  The Songwriters Alliance was founded by Tom Toce who is, also, the producer of this year’s Winter Rhythms series. Many well known and respected song writers are members of this alliance. A song I wrote with composer David Friedman will be showcased in the show on Saturday, December 15th at 3PM.  I’ll be performing the song myself, accompanied by Tracy Stark.   I’m very excited to share this with you and if you’re in New York in mid December I think you’ll have a great time attending this show.


You can do a google search for special musical festivals and shows during the holiday season andI’m certain you’ll find several that will be entertaining.  If you can’t be in New York for the holiday season, I’m quite certain that an area near the area you will be in will have Holiday Presentations you might want to attend.  I find special holiday shows are almost always uplifting – whatever spiritual path you are on. If you don’t consider yourself a “spiritual path follower” you can still have a wonderful, joyful times celebrating with friends at holiday shows.  They’re also, often not very expensive.


I wish you a wonderful and joyful and entertaining Holiday month.  My tip is to take advantage of all the entertainments you can during this season.