Free Entertainment Tip for November


I’m repeating a “TIP” I’d put on this site during the summer.  I think one of the most important contributions I could make to the human population is to encourage people to go to shows and enjoy the piano bars and in some spaces have dinner at the  small music venues in New York (and elsewhere).

I have to say that I’ve been noticing that there aren’t as many small music venues in New York now as there were when I was a youngster.

I know I’m repeating past “tips” I’ve put up.  I keep promoting small music venues that feature either the traditional (and, often, not so traditional) Songbook or new songs that were written in America and in other areas., because many of the shows are excellent and not very expensive and Visitors to NY as well as New Yorkers have told me they feel as though they’ve gotten even more than their money’s worth of entertainment – and education – when they’ve attended these shows.


In addition, the small venues (often called Cabarets) can afford to change their shows, on a weekly, or even, nightly basis.  Actually, very few shows run for a whole week. Some do come back every Wednesday or Wednesday through Friday and sometimes a show plays only once twice. This can include shows that have gotten great reviews sung by performers who have appeared on Broadway and/or around the country/or often perform in New York.


If you live in the NYC area I highly suggest you get to know these entertainment venues.  If your visiting New York I also suggest you find out about these venues.  Again (I’ve said this before) many people think of the word “Cabaret”, as meaning  “strip club”. This is rarely the case and it’s fairly simple to find out online what each room offers.  A cabaret most often has shows with good well-trained singers and performers doing and hour and fifteen minutes of songs or comedy. There is usually theme to each show and often, the shows are showcasing specific songwriters.  Sometimes, as in my case, the performer is a songwriter performing his/her own songs.  Often the writer has a variety of talented singers, singing the songs. For the most part the charge (the term used is often the “Cover Charge) is usually fairly low and there’s usually a small beverage and/or food minimum charge. The amount is most often quite reasonable.

I’m so uplifted when I meet people who are visiting New York and haven’t been to small music clubs before and who are thrilled by what they’ve found! There’s such warmth and true friendships are formed in the audience. People often share tables with people they haven’t met before. New friendships are formed.

If you’re a New Yorker or are visiting and you enjoy attending these shows you might well want to become a member of the organization called MAC  – which stands for The Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs. You’ll get MAC discounts to many of the shows.  I’m smiling as I write this “Entertainment Tip”!