for  February 2018


If you’re in New York next month and you’ve never attended the MAC Awards give yourself a treat and book yourself a seat now!  MAC stands for The Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs.



You may be saying: “There she goes again praising cabaret entertainment!” It’s true I do keep praising it because I’m noticing that it’s an entertainment form that’s falling off the radar.  I also think that many people don’t “get” what the word means. The musical was focusing on the Weimar Republic cabaret industry which was more about strip clubs than what we refer to as Cabaret in NYC.


On March 27th YOU can be part of the Cabaret world and get to know many of the greatest performers personally at The MAC AWARDS at BB King Blues Club and Grill (237 West 42nd St.) . The event is scheduled for 7PM.  The Board of Directors of MAC work very hard to see to it that this field is top notch and that music creators and performers and producers are treated well.


Sharon McNight and Ruby Rims will be honored with Lifetime Achievement Awards, James Gavin with the Board of Directors Award, and celebrate the recipients of the 2018 MAC Awards, who will be revealed live at the show.


I’m proud to be on the Preliminary Ballot for 2018 MAC Awards in 2 categories! My series “It’s Just a Number!” is nominated for Best Series and, after winning the MAC Award for Best Emcee in both 2016 & 2017.


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