Free Entertainment Tip – March 2019

 If you’re not familiar with the New York Cabaret and small music venue community, March is a great time to learn about it.  I feel blessed to have had my parents take me to the small music venues that used to exist in what were considered the major New York hotels, like the Plaza, Sherry Netherland, Pierre, Algonquin, etc.  ad the well known dancing rooms like the Copa. While many of those rooms no longer exist, there are still warm, friendly and inviting rooms in which you can hear great music and entertainers while you enjoy a meal or  a drink of liquor or  wine or  juice, etc. 


Many are less expensive that rooms were in the 30s, 40s and 50s (not that the number of dollars is lower – but they’re lower given the change it what most people earn in this century, compared with the last.)  The rooms are comfortable for almost all “income levels”.


March is a special month in the world of Cabaret. It’s the month the MAC Award – Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs Awards take place.  MAC is a very active organization that helps cabaret exist.  


NOTE: I’m not referring to the “strip clubs” that are often referred to as “cabaret”.  But some of the “Burlesque” groups are excellent and to shows based on great songwriters e.g.,Sheldon Harnick or Harold Arlen, etc. For example, “The Love Show”, which my son David Slone formed with choreographer  Angela Harriell,  puts on excellent dance shows, usually the music of well known and loved songwriters and they often include excellent singers in their show. I’m not a reviewer and I don’t run a PR company.  You can “google” dance rooms  I’m speaking of the music rooms.  


Back to the MAC Awards.  They will be held at Sony Hall (235 West 46th St,) in the basement of the Paramount Hotel. I don’t know if there are still available seats.  It will probably sell out quickly.  Most of the NY Cabaret Community will be there. 


    I’m thrilled to be up for two 2019 MAC Awards:  

                   1 – Best Series: “It’s Just a Number!” 

                   2- Best Emcee: “It’s Just a Number!”


Do treat yourself to entertainment in the smaller cabaret venues and piano bars.   Visitors to NY that I suggest them to all thank me. There are many,  many talented performers and songwriters and musicians who give shows in the smaller venues. Some, like Marilyn Maye – who is now over 90 years old –  are very famous.  Most of the shows are about an hour and fifteen minutes long.  If you work in New York you can get to one of the entertainment rooms at about 6:30 to see a 7PM show. You can find most of the shows listed onlineby putting “Cabaret Listings” in the URL of your Safari or Chrome or Firefox or whatever online search engine you use.  


If you’re visiting New York you owe it to yourself to treat yourself to a show in one of the great music rooms like Don’t Tell Mama!, The Laurie Beechman, The Triad,  Michael Feinstein’s 54 Below, The Duplex,  53 Above… and there are many more…in Manhattan and Brooklyn and the other boroughs of NYC. I wish I could mention them all  in the city.  If you’re seeing one or more Broadway shows, that’s wonderful…but give yourself one less expensive night  at a “cabaret”.  These shows are usually inexpensive, including the drink and/or food minimum (for those that have food and drink – and most do). The venues want your business and the people who own and who work at them are, practically all, very friendly and helpful – and… FUN!