Free Entertainment Tip for September

So many shows open in September.  It’s considered the beginning of “the Season” for theater and entertainments.

You might want to subscribe to websites that list new entertainment events coming up. Please know that I’m not paid by any of these sites fro referring them to you.   I just think they can help you!

You probably already know that I adore the small music venues we still call Cabarets, in which you can see some wonderful performers and or groups give their musical revues.  I did put cabarets on past Entertainment Tips for you in the past.  I’m thrilled that many people emailed me and thanked me for introducing them to this form of entertainment.  You get to meet the performers and also get to know the people sitting near you, possibly sharing a table with you in the lovely small venue.

If you’re coming to New York I suggest you look online listing and for reviews of shows on:  You may also want to look at: https://www.theaterpizzazz.comfor listings of Theater and music news and reviews.   Of course the well-known papers such as The New York Times have listings and reviews. The smaller publications take a lot of time to check out entertainments that are opening.

There’s great entertainment all over the country.  I know that B.J. Ryans Magnolia Room in Norwalk Ct. has wonderful shows. You can see the show listings at:

To satisfy my own curiosity I wanted to see what’s going on in entertainment around the country – in places I wouldn’t think of as “entertainment hubs”.  For some reason I looked up Milwaukee and was amazed at what showed up!

Look for entertainment is happening in whatever town you’re in.  I believe that music and entertainment are  forces that can help to heal unhappiness on our planet.