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Monday night January 29 was anything but dark at Don’t Tell Mama.  The big room was teeming with talent and camaraderie.  One would expect nothing less when Bobbie Horowitz is the emcee and the show is It’s Just a Number.



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Songwriter & Performer 

  • A review came in for Scheduling in New York, the parody Bobbie wrote. It was performed in Marcus Simeone and Tanya Holt’s wonderful show at The Metroplitan Room. 

    “They then do a delightful  parody of Autumn in New York, Scheduling in New York, describing the difficulties of putting the show together with musical director Tracy Stark.”   

                                           Ron Forman –  WKRB.ORG                                     

  • Bobbie Horowitz then sang her original “Planning a Vacation,” her sweet love poem to the joys of returning to New York City.
    Sierra Rein  – Salon


  • We then had a treat from Bobbie Horowitz, who brought out a tribute to BM Man himself, Sidney Myer – her lyrics to the tune of “Modern Major General” were so sweet! Her “Dress to Get Yes!” workshop is available, as well as her “Slim Sexy” Workshop, which will take place again on March 25th at Unity Center on 58th street.
    Sierra Rein   – The Salon


  • The Salon Wrap-Up for November 13, 2011 “The Marvelous 50s & 60s”
    We were excited to welcome back Bobbie Horowitz, who charmed us with a comedic, New York themed,
    “Flatbush Serenade.”

From Richard Skipper Celebrates January 13th 

To love your neighbor as you love yourself is the most important thing in the world. If you look around, I’ll bet you that everyone you see loves their neighbor exactly the way they love his/herself.
Professor Konvitz at Cornell University

Happy Friday, the 13th!

If you are as superstitious as I am, that phrase probably sends shivers down your spine. Well, not anymore, I believe that we ALL are capable of creating our own luck…and no one epitomizes that as much as my friend, Bobbie Horowitz. I have known Bobbie even longer than I’ve known Bobbie! Let me explain.I had heard people singing Bobbie Horowitz’s songs around the cabaret circuit long before I actually met her. Also, I’ll never forget that Halloween when Ricky Ritzel and Jim Lazar showed up at Don’t Tell Mama as Horowitz and Spector.


  • The Salon Wrap-Up for January 16, 2011 “January Jazzathon”… Bobbie Horowitz presented “the only Jazz Horowitz and Spector tune,” the fun and amusing “Monkey Round the Park.” Bobbie has a new book coming out – “Find Your Mini-Q’s (?)*”, and a Dress to Get Yes Workshop coming up on Feb 5th “at a secret location.” Check out for information on Bobbie’s upcoming classes… Bobbie Horowitz returned to the stage giving us another of her original songs, explaining that she shops, not for the joy of shopping, but for love of country!


Hello darlings! … another tune written & sung by Bobbie Horowitz TUNE: ENTOURAGE;

Lunch and Judy Show # 5     Judy Stadt,



Accordion Uprising Le Squeezebox Cabaret: I wish I was in Brooklyn…. Performers scheduled thus far include…Bobbie Horowitz

MARCH 30, 2011 by Bruce


Unity Center for Practical Spirituality is proud to present an upcoming musical extravaganza “Hear Our Song”, to be presented at the NORWALK CITY HALL, CONCERT HALL (125 East Avenue, Norwalk, CT – 203-866-7004) on Friday April 8th at 8:00 pm. The show will feature Cabaret and Broadway numbers performed by a roster of talented national and local musical celebrities from Broadway, TV, Cabaret and film. All performers are members and friends of Unity Center and a portion of the event’s proceeds will go to support Norwalk Hospital’s Whittingham Cancer Center and The Domestic Violence Center. The event is sponsored by Dr. Garrett H. Bennett, facial plastic and sinus surgeon in Manhattan and B. J. Ryan’s Restaurant of Norwalk, CT. “Hear our Song’s” line-up will feature 16 performers and includes Lucie Arnaz, Laurence Luckinbill, David Friedman, Rosemary Loar, Lina Koutrakos, Scott Coulter, Kenneth Gartman, Nancy Timpanaro-Hogan, Dr. Garrett Bennett, Christina Connors, Bobbie Horowitz, Roger Mapes, Don Martocchio, Valeria Roncoli and Wayne Timpanaro-Hogan. The program will include solos, group numbers, duets and a finale with all performers. Call for information & reservations.

                        Stu Hamstra Cabaret Hotline Online



Dana Lorge hosts “Wednesday Night at the Iguana” every week at 8:00 pm at IGUANA’S VIP LOUNGE (240 West 54th Street, NYC – 212-765-5454 – ). Each week this comedy and musical variety show will feature special guest stars. This week’s event, on October 27th, will feature guests…Bobbie Horowitz

Stu Hamstra Cabaret Hotline

 Bobbie Horowitz presented “the only Jazz Horowitz and Spector tune,” the fun and amusing “Monkey Round the Park.” Bobbie has a new book coming out – “Find Your Mini-Q’s (?)*”, and a Dress to Get Yes Workshop coming up on Feb 5th “at a secret location.” Check out for information on Bobbie’s upcoming classes.

Posted By Sierra Rein   The Salon Wrap-Up for January 16, 2011

Richard Skipper and Dana Lorge continued presenting a roster of eager and talented featured singers. Among the comedic standouts were Bobbie Horowitz with two clever, original songs—“Shows to Go Ya!” and “Never a Freshman Again,

Lynn DiMenna 

Stairway To Stardom’s Bobbie Horowitz Is Alive, Can Help You With a Lot of Stuff

Recently, a friend here in New York came across a woman at a cabaret bar and quickly made a paralyzing discovery. The woman, Bobbie Horowitz, looked eerily familiar. Moments after she opened her mouth and belted out tunes, our friend realized that Bobbie was half of Horowitz and Spector, a duo that appeared in the internet-shattering series of videos from Stairway to Stardom, a cable access talent show played in Manhattan in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Bobbie’s the one with the giant hair, metallic jumpsuit, and enormous waistband. (And the headband — that might help.)

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“January Jazzathon”

…while the entire show ended with an amazingly funny original song by Horowitz and Spector “Shows to Go Ya,” featuring Bill Zeffiro, Bobbie Horowitz, and “friends” – which turned out to include Summer Broyhill and Johanna Weller-Fahy, amongst others.


…Richard Skipper and Dana Lorge continued presenting a roster of eager and talented featured singers. Among the comedic

standouts Bobbie Horowitz with two clever, original songs—“Shows to Go Ya!” and “Never a Freshman Again,”

Lynn DiMenna  Cabaret Scenes   August 5, 2009



Wednesday evening, I headed over to the Iguana VIP Lounge on 54th St. for the aptly named “Wednesday Night at the Iguana.”  Hosted by the talented duo of Richard Skipper and Dana Lorge, this weekly showcase has really come into its own and has a devoted following, many of whom dressed in costume for the speciAl Halloween edition.  I was excited to be one of the special guests for the night, along with … Bobbie Horowitz’s “Something’s Rotten In Transylvania,”

                        Jenna Esposito Cabaret Chronicles Broadway

                        Saturday, October 31, 2009




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Andrew Martin  Nightlife Exchange





Some Press From the 1980s – early 1990s



WHAT DOES A TEAM OF MIDDLE–AGED SONGWRITERS do to attract attention to their material when all else fails? If you’re Horowitz & Spector, first you sing them in piano bars, and then you put together a show at the Duplex. And if that doesn’t get some of those excellent ditties sung around town, it won’t be for want of trying. The show is a well crafted bit of hokum that’s so unpretentious and full of sincere bravado that it’s practically irresistible …Either inadvertently or deliberately, these ladies have concocted a show that satirizes itself, and the result can be screamingly funny at times. But aside from the laughs, there is another reason to see this show, and it’s presumably why they put it on in the first place. Some of these priceless novelty numbers are just waiting to brighten up a set for the right singers.

Check out the show with an eye for the genuine wit in” The Nothing To Complain About Blues”, Shows Ta Go Ya,”

“Boiled Chicken”, and “Something’s Rotten In Transylvania”. And though I have a soft spot in my heart for this last, vampiricle one, with it’s refrain, “He doesn’t give me fang the way he did before,” the best is probably the hilarious “It Ain’t Right.” A mockingly naïve lament about love scorned and its consequences, it’s good enough to have fallen out of the score of Chicago…

Bob Harrington  BISTRO BITS   BACK STAGE 1987



…It’s all too silly for words, but…this show is a hoot and a half…if you’re looking for some good-natured laughs, Horowitz & Spector deliver.

Bob Harrington  CABARET review  NEW YORK POST



The Duplex enters the season with successful holdovers from the summer. Horowitz & Spector continues their run.




“ATTENTION frustrated mommies, here’s a gift for you:

Horowitz & Spector, the songwriting performing team, have written “Fudge Fish Cakes,” a music video what will air on 250 PBS Station plus American Airlines. It deals with shoving nutritious foods into finicky kids.

The Horowitz & Spector Solution? Slap a little chocolate on everything!”

Cindy Adams,  NEW YORK POST



“The lively musical comedy duo of Horowitz & Spector bring joy to you at Panache encore…”

Florence Anthony,  NEW YORK POST


At the Duplex

“Horowitz & Spector Sing Horowitz & Spector “ is a new act at the Duplex that was 25 years in the making. Barbara Horowitz and Sharon Spector were at songwriting team at Brooklyn’s New Utrecht High School, they recently reunited and do their stuff Thursdays at 8.

Renee Kaplan  NEW YORK NEWSDAY 1988



Panache Encore on West 45th has gourmet food and Class A shows like comedians Horowitz & Spector. Go….

Cindy Adams, NEW YORK POST



Horowitz & Spector won Honorable mention in two categories of the Professional Division of Nashville’s Music City Song Festival for “Lots of love From Me To You” and “Something’s Rotten In Transylvania”.




Sounds of music fill the city

Spend your weekend at Encore Encore with three dynamic acts …Horowitz & Spector in the back room.




For Horowitz & Spector songs sung by Diana Templeton

Singing “It Ain’t Right” or “The Snow White Song” by Horowitz & Spector, Templeton creates something with her performance that is uniquely hers.”

Bob Harrington, BACKSTAGE 


 “No Pork, No Pork!” Bobbie Horowitz & Sharon Spector Manhattan


Lenore Skenazy  ONLY IN NEW YORK  TIN PEN ALLEY Contest #20  Daily News Magazine  1991


“She sings two songs by Horowitz & Spector – “It Ain’t Right” and “Somethin’s Rotten In Transylvania”, by taking on the persona of a betrayed woman, whose husband is cheating on her; and in the second song, a vampire. These two songs were certainly high spots of the evening – if you gauge the audience’s laughter and delight at these renditions…

Robert Goodman,  Show Business







Arts in Education Not-for-Profit

Executive Director/Founder – Bobbie Horowitz





Nominated By Bobbie Horowitz

Gordin’s View





Speaking of youth, step down yet another generation and consider the cast of Trousers & Sauerkraut, an improv troupe made up of high school students. They recently performed at Don’t Tell Mama under the auspices of the Times Square Group. The players were downright green in terms of experience but they were well taught, and some of them displayed surprising flashes of comic inspiration. In a nicely rounded-out program, their elder — guest star John Wallowitch, a famed songwriter-singer — put things in perspective with his classic “I’m Twenty-Seven.”

                              Barbara Siegel






An organization that offers stage and media workshops in NYC high schools and middle schools, many of which haven’t the funds for in house arts departments, will hold a benefit performance featuring puppets and comedy improv at DON’T TELL MAMA (343 West 46th Street, NYC – 1-212-757-0788 – ) this Saturday night, August 20th at 6:00 pm. The show features workshop leader Evan Laurence, with Anjelika Rivers, David Slone and Kevin Urban. The show, “An Evening Of Puppetry And Improv” is presented by THE TIMES SQUARE GROUP ( ). and your $10 donation will be used to support their programs. There is a 2-drink minimum.

                                       Stu Hamstra Cabaret Hotline



Bobbie Horowitz, Executive Producer 1999 & 2000
Associate Producer 2001

2011 At the Drama Desk Awards Nominees Party. Bobbie (Executive Producer of  1999, 2000 The Drama Desk Awards , Assoc. Producer in 2001


Picture of Bobbie and Sandi Durell

Barry Gordin     Gordin’s View



Times Square Group headed by former Drama Desk Awards co-executive producer, Bobbie Horowitz, has donated a scholarship to a deserving student at F.H. LaGuardia H.S. of Music & Art and Performing Arts to be presented on this year’s show on May 19th.

Thursday, May 2, 2002  The Drama Desk Web site



Drama Desk Snubs Spacey

The executive producers are Robert R. Blume and Bobbie Horowitz.

All Business



Bobbie Horowitz is executive producer of the well-known Drama Desk awards. She’s also formed The Times Square Group, a not-for-profit theater company committed to “intelligent shows that are entertaining, uplifting, and accessible.” Her off-Broadway play, The Betrayal of Nora Blake, is scheduled to open in NYC in April. Co-artistic director is none other than her son David Slone ’90, LLB ’94.
Cornell Magazine – March / April 2000 Issue



The evening benefited greatly from the virtuosity of Billy Stritch on piano and Steve Doyle on bass, and the best and brightest of musical theater and cabaret were on hand; such veterans as Jana Robbins, Bobbie Horowitz, Robert Cole, and Ruth Hastings had the crowd roaring.

                        The British Invasion Scott & Barbara Siegel in The Siegel Column




Bobbie Horowitz Lead Producer


The Betrayal of Nora Blake Website

West Palm Beach Florida 2001


Read this review by David Benedict of the Independent.  WOW!




There were 11 GREAT reviews – Two more:

But at the Jermyn, a Glorious Musical Mockery :
MUCH better news, however, at the tiny Jermyn Street Theatre, where John Meyer’s “The Betrayal of Nora Blake” is a wonderful addition to that long tradition of (usually off-Broadway) musical mockeries, shows like “Dames at Sea” and “Little Mary Sunshine” that managed simultaneously to celebrate and parody certain genres of old Hollywood movies.
This time we are in the l946 world of Lana Turner and Barbara Stanwyck movies, about mysterious but magnificently glamorous women caught up in murder plots of incredible complexity. As author, composer and lyricist, Meyer has come up with a masterly parody of all that and more, a score that harks back to Miklos Rosza and Franz Waxman. The actor Nickolas Grace, meanwhile, has directed an amazingly nimble production making the best use I have ever seen of the cramped Jermyn Street stage.
As the sisters, Claire Moore (the good) and Issy Van Randwyck (the bad) are just wonderful, while around them Michael Mateus, Andrew Wadsworth, John Levitt and Ann Wakefield make up an equally agile cast, all of whom must have spent hours watching midnight reruns of all the movies of this very precise postwar time to come up with such deadly accurate and wickedly mocking performances. This show clearly has a strong future off-Broadway; but having opened over here first for a change, I just hope it stays around long enough to catch the rest of us old movie freaks.
                        Sheridan Morley – NY Times: London

















The Betrayal of Nora Blake, which is getting its premiere at the tiny Jermyn Street Theatre, is a delightful pocket musical – or, more precisely, as its subtitle proclaims, a musical noir. It’s New York, 1945. In an hour’s time Nora Blake is due to go to the electric chair. What happened to her in the six minutes before she fired the fatal shot? (She can’t remember.) Has she been framed by her twin sister Laura? John Meyer, who’s responsible for book, lyrics and score, has taken some of the classic motifs of the film noir in its heyday and woven them into a drama of rich absurdity

Oddly enough, it is also rather exciting – partly thanks to the music, with its echoes of vintage Hollywood composers such as Miklos Rosza and Franz Waxman. Still, laughter is undoubtedly uppermost. Claire Moore and Issy Van Randwyck are a perfect match as simple, trusting Nora and devious, devilish Laura, other highlights include Andrew C. Wadsworth stroking his moustache as only a cad can, John Levitt as a hilarious psychoanalyst, and Michael Matus panting with lust and revealing an astonishingly broad expanse of tongue as he does. Nickolas Grace, who directs, works wonders with silhouettes behind screens and sharp movie-style vignettes.

      John Gross – The Sunday TelegraphReview May 24, 1998