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This is a long Page on My Site Because I’ve Been Producing (and performing) In Different Theatrical Areas since the 1970s.  Feel free to scroll down to the bottom.


The Date for the Next “It’s Just a Number!” is  OCTOBER 17th at 7PM – Honoring Austin Pendelton, Glen Charlow and Margo Brown. 


The following “It’s Just a Number!” shows are: December 18th – honoring Lucille Carr-Kaffashan, Charles Karel and Tim Moss 


February 12th – I”ll be honoring George Kimble, Goldie Dvor & Tim Jerome

There will be a special Cabaret Show in March honoring Sue Matsuki & David Sabella and Lennie Watts

Stay tuned for future shows

I’m thrilled to have won the  2019 MAC Award for Best Emcee!

(I also won this award in 2016 & 2017)

I thank all th MAC Members who voted for me!


The February 7th It’s Just a Number! was a major hit and I’m thrilled to have packed Don’t Tell Mama! to honor three spectacular show-biz luminaries: ORIGINAL-NEW - February 7th 2019 - Its Just a Number

My December  “It’s Just a Number!” show  got great reviews!  “Yay!” We Honored 3 Well-Known Broadway Performers Who Are Well Up In Years and Still Performing and Getting Cheers!    Super Performers of  Various Ages Entertained to Honor Them!

We honored three performers who each overcame great illnesses in their life – survived and went back to performing and getting cheers from audiences!

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I previously worked at  The Times Square Group: the not for profit arts education company my son David F. Slone and I founded – in case you want to check out my background as a producer. Before producing I appeared in several Off and Off Off Broadway shows and studied with wonderful teachers, like Stella Adler,  Jose Ferrer, etc.



 READ THE REVIEW!!! – for   “It’s Just a Number!”

         ( It was the first 2018 show of this series) 
which was held on January 29th at 7PM at Don’t Tell Mama!!!!!!! 

The Honorees were:

Michael Colby, John C. Introcaso & Renee Katz
Michael Colby & John Introcaso have co-written “Dangerous” a new Broadway Bound Musical! Renee Katz Packer is a true Survivor!!!!


The Top-Notch Perfomers entertaining to honor the above are:
Sidney Myer, Chrristine Lavin, N’Kenge, Anita Hollender, Peggy Eason, Denise Spann-Morgan (and a Surprise Special Guest )


The price was only $20 with a $5 Discount for MAC, AEA, SAG/AFTRA member  & Seniors over 65 yrs.

Past “It’s Just a Number” Shows

 September 18th 2018

Just a Number!2017-09-18

  “It’s Just a Number” – May 15th

Three Great Performers were honored. Each has been able to overcome physical hardships and succeed brilliantly!




The March 2017 “It’s Just a Number!”

Was a GREAT success and commanded a full house.

Mar 20th Show



The Premiere 2017 “It’s Just a Number!”

Was January 16th – 7PM at The Metropolitan Room – Reserve: (212) 206-0440

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Monday, December 19th 2016 at The Metropolitan Room
There were two different shows: One at 6:30 PM and one at 9:00 PM
“Lots of Love From Me To You”
Lyrics by Horowitz & Spector – Music by the late Ben Martini
was brilliantly sung  by
Marissa Mulder was in the 6:30 show
“Doin’ It For America!” – Words by Bobbie Horowitz & Music by David Friedman
and  “Shows Ta Go Ya!” – Words by Horowitz & Spector & Music by Ben Martini
were sung by Bobbie in the 9:00 PM show.

The Premiere 2017 IT’S JUST A NUMBER!
was presented on January 16th @ 7PM at the Metropolitan Room
Alex Rybeck, Warren Schein & Sue Matsuki

Linda Amiel Burns, Lynn DiMenna, Marcus Simeone,
Maria Ottavia, Joey Infante & David F. Slone, Esq.




In 2016 we had very successful shows on Jan 21st – honoring Rob Davis, March 10th  – Honoring Barbara Malley and May 25th – honoring  Jim Speake and, on September 12th   honoring Joan Liman.

Bobbie H won the 2016 MAC Award for Best Emcee for this show! 

There is one more show scheduled in 2016.

On November 14th  we will be honoring honoring Fran Handmanjustnumbernov14




The 2015 “It’s Just a Number Shows” 

On October I honored Stephen Hanks. Mark Nadler, Meg Flather, Shawn Harkness, Charlotte Patton, Laurie Krauz, Barbara Porteus, Barry Levitt, & Peter Napolitano entertained in his honor. It was Stephen’s birthday and…Adam Shapiro baked him a cake!!!


On August 24th at 7PM I honored  Phil Hodges & Ken Blanchard (Cornell ’61) who each had successful and    well known management consulting practices  and in their 60s joined forces to write “Lead Like Jesus” and train groups of young men, women and teens to lead with love and respect. They each wrote books before joining forces. Ken’s book “The One Minute Manager” is well known by many.


The Top Performers were Carolyn Montgomery-Forant, Baby Jane Dexter,  Kim Grogg, Paul & Rochelle Chamlin, Marcus Goldhaber, Dawn Derow, Jacob Merrick Storms, Marni Klar,  Tracey O’Farrell & Marsha Mercant!
 The audience got to see them all in one show!


July 22nd 

I honored the ever exciting Phyllis Weiss Haserot –  She has been dubbed “the Cross-Generational Voice.” She is a passionate champion for cross-generational conversation at work, helping organizations solve their inter-generational challenges so that they attract and retain clients and employees of different generations, work moreeffectively in multi-generational teams and transfer vital knowledge.Perfomers included: Sean Harkness, Elaine St. George, Kathleen France, Randie Levine Miller, Liz McKendry, Danny Bacher, Eliana Gonzales & David F. Slone, Esq Bill Zeffiro is musical Director.


Tuesday June 23rd 

I honored the amazing Peggy Eason who began singing after retirement and while working full time was president of her local chapter of The NY State Civil Service Employee’s Union. She was nominate for the 2015 MAC Award for Best Female Vocalist.

Perfomers include: Sue Matsuki, Richard Skipper, Bryon Sommers, Warren Schein, Natasha Castillo, Ivan Farkas and Karl Elliman will say a few words about Peggy. Bill Zeffiro is musical Director.


The May 27th show of  “It’s Just a Number!” honored Edythe Eisenberg who wrote her first story at age 92 and it was so good it was made part of a presentation at The Player’s Club!”  Performing in her honor were: Sarah Rice, David F. Slone, Esq,  Stacy Sullivan, Karen Mason,   Deb Berman and (drum roll) Surprise Guest Jana Robbins who happens to be Edythe’s daughter, who’s appeared on and produced for Broadway!


The Opening  Show of “It’s Just a Number!” was on Saturday, April 11th, 2015 


The Honoree was: Alice Fisher,
Founder of  “The Radical Age Movement!”
Alice also serves as Outreach Director for State Senator, Liz KruegeJim Brochu & Steve Schalchlin – Adan Shapiro -T.Oliver Reid-Carly Ozard -Warren Schein – Barb Malley & Bob Diamond, Ken Gartman & Raissa Katona Bennett & Kelley Karel performed in Alice’s honor!



March 26th The MAC AWARDS

“Shows To go Ya! & Other Songs Of Bobbie Horowitz” – was a
“2015 MAC Award Nominee” for Best Revue!

“Shows Ta Go Ya! *& Other Songs of Bobbie Horowitz” starring Dana Lorge, Warren Schein, Corinna Sowers Adler & Stearns MatthewsDirected by Corinna Sowers Adler and with

musical direction by Bill Zeffiro was Presented at The Metropolitan Room.






On November 24th,2015 at 7PM –  The Metropolitan Room honored me in: “This Is Your Night Bobbie Horowitz!”. I’m beyond honored!!!! The evening was hosted by Bernie Furshpan. Some of the performers who appeared were: Tony Award Winner, Chuck Cooper – Noted Songwriter John Meyer – David F. Slone, Esq. – – Beloved Sidney Meyer – Multi-Award Winner Ricky Ritzel – Multi Award Winner Mark Nadler – Award Winner Stearns Matthews – Bistro Winner Corinna Sowers Adler – Multi-Award Winner Stacy Sullivan, Multi-Award Winner Sue Matsuki (who also helped produce the event!) – Multi Award Winners Dana Lorge and Warren Schein – Award Winner Adam Shapiro – Award Winner David Vernon, Richard Skipper – Award Winner Elaine St. George – Award Winning couple Stacy Perlman Langeder & Rob Langeder and Multi-Award Winner Reverend Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes! Award Winner Bill Zeffiro will be Musical Director. PLUS: I’m told there will be Additional Surprises!


October 11th 2015 -The Unity Cabaret Matinee Salutes the Jewish Contribution fo the American Songbook (stage, fim, recordings) 2-4PM at The Unity Center 213 West 58th St. – Doors open at 1:30. Suggested Donation $15.

October 16th – “Bobbie Horowitz Strikes Accord”  at the Metropolitan Room:See Multi Award Winning Cabaret Stars: Mark Nadler! Elaine St. George! Rob Langeder & Stacie Perlaman Langeder! &  Rev. Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes!   Bill Zeffiro at the piano


Shows To Go Ya! & Other Songs by Bobbie Horowitz” Sept 9th and 29th at The Metropoltan Room!  Featuring Warren Schein, Stearns Matthews, Dana Lorge & Corinna Sowers Adler (who also directed) Special Guest David F. Slone!   Bill Zeffiro at the piano! 


March 15th 2-4PM – Unity’s St. Patrick’s Day Cabaret Matinee – Celebrating The “Wearing of the Green” & All Diverse Ethnic & Cultural Traditionsat The Unity Center 213 W. 58th St. Bobbie Hosts   Bill Zeffiro is at the Grand Piano


March 9th @ 4PM “Great Songwriters Up Close”
at: The Metropolitan Room – 34 West 22nd St.


Bobbie  honored David Friedman, Richard Whiting (represented by his granddaughter, Debbi Whiting) and Sammy Timburg (represented by his daughter Pat Timberg

Performers: Eric  Yves Garcia, Marissa Mulder, Stacy Sullivan, Victoria Rae Sook & David F. Slone, 

Unity Christmas Cabaret Matinee
December 14th 2-4PM at The Unity Center 213 West 58th Street
During the major snow storm the place was packed!!!
Hosted by: Bobbie Horowitz  Accompanist: Bill Zeffiro
Refreshments were served! it was a true celebration!

Great Songwriters: Up Close – Was presented at The Metropolitan Room on October 14th. The room was packed and people kept hanging out. The Songwriters who were honored were: John Meyer, Larry Livingston (represented by his son Dennis) and Ervin Drake. The singers included, Stacy Sullivan, John Gabriel, Rosemary Loar, Adam Shapiro, Laurie Krauz,Scott Coulter, David F. Slone, Kat Gang & Marissa Mulder, John Meyer and Ervin Drake also sang – as did Bobbie


September 21at: The Unity Autumn Cabaret Matinee was presented  
Host: Bobbie Horowitz, Accompanist: Bill Zeffiro

On June 29th – 2-4PM  The Unity Summerfest Cabarett Matinee was a great success. The lini-up has been getting very impressive. Ask people who’ve attended. They’ll tell you. I don’t have to.

Several Addtional Unity Cabaret Matinees were successfully presented


(Not-for-Profit – Arts-in-Education company founded by Bobbie Horowitz – who Partnered with her son: David F. Slone 

The Frank Sinatra School Won a MAJOR AWARD!  They had studied with The Timed Square Group!      Students sang with Broadway stars under the direction of Tony Walton and got to meet Sheldon Harnick, who was being honored, and Hal Prince, who presented Mr. Harnick with his award. Producer Stewart F. Lane spoke of his experience with the students when he came to speak during one of TSG’s programs at the school.


Picture of Bobbie and Bonnie Comely Lane at the Awards Ceremony, April 8, 2011 featured in








Picture 2

Bobbie & Tony Walton at the Theatre Museum Awards Gala April 8, 2011



As Executive Director of The Times Square Group, Bobbie co-produced shows written by students at the High Schools at which TSG tutored. Her co-producers were the students themselves. Off Broadway theaters and Cabarets were donated and reviewers of major publications reviewed the students. The students also entertained at fundraisers and a monthly award was given by North Fork Bank (later by Capital One) to a student, who showed excellence in the dramatic arts.  The Soho Playhouse and the Players Theatre each donated their space for the students to perform the shows they’d written and mounted.

TSG taught “hands on” after school classes at arts schools like Frank Sinatra and LaGuardia, regular academic public high schools like New Utrecht High School (Bobbie’s alma mater) and Grace Dodge and schools for troubled children (I-75 schools in NYC) like Cascades. David F. Slone served as Artistic Director The teachers she hired included: Playwriting: former NBC Director of Development and writer for Guiding Light, Barbara Garshman, Director, Actor and Educator: Scott Barrow, Evan Lawrence and others. Directors included: Broadway Performer and Producer: Jana Robbins andProducer/Director of the Arts & Artists at St. Paul’s Songbook Concert Series: John Znidarsic. Producers, who came to talk to the students about producing, included:  Stewart F. Lane, Carol Ostrow and Pat Addiss and the late Randall Wreghitt to name a few.  Among the press people who spoke to the students about becoming reviewer or theater reporters included; Adam Feldman from Time Out, David Sheward from Backstage and Barbara Siegel of  Union officials spoke to the students about the unions’ job included representatives from Actor’s Equity, Musician’s Union Local 802 and IATSE (Stagehands). And the list goes on.

Picture 3

Students from The Frank Sinatra School of the Arts entertain at a TSG Fundraiser


TSG Sponsored by Capital One Bank gave a monthly award to a student who did outstanding work. Below is a picture of Gladys Benjamin, an extraordinarily talented write, who was in the TSG playwriting group at Cascades High School. She went on to win an award at The National Arts Club and be accepted into a special class with known writers at Columbia University.

Picture 4

Gladys Benjamin of Cascades High School with her mother, Josephine, and Bank Executives, etc. winning her award.












Bobbie Was Executive Producer of Drama Desk Awards 1999 & 2000 and Associate Producer in 2001.

Bobbie at Drama Desk Awards Events.




The Betrayal of Nora Blake

Could She Kill And Not Remember!


This is the noir musical thriller by John Meyer that won 12 out of 12 fabulous reviews in London in 1999 and was voted Best Musical in Florida in 2001 by the Palm Beach Post!

You can read some of the reviews on this site’s Press Tab and quotes from London the Cuillo Centre’s Press page.

The Nora Blake Website is still up,
although the Cuillo Center has closed




The 1970s

Then known as Barbara Slone, Bobbie produced several Off and Off – Off Broadway plays and musicals in the 1970s, to name a few, “A Colored Girl Talks with God”, “Dark of the Moon” and “Victims of Duty.” She produced many major events in the famous discos of the day, during the early 1980s. To see more click About Bobbie. In the 80s she helped cast and produce The Great American Backstage Musical and produced cabarets, special events and holiday shows with stars like Lea DeLaria, Sheyl Lee Ralph, Fred Barton and many others at a club called silver Lining.