June 17th  Groovin’ On a Sunday presented by Ann McCormack with Woody Regan at the piano at 53 Above.

Groovin’ on a Sunday will finish off the season with one more Celebration of NYC Pride! Your $15 cover will benefit Hetrick-Martin Institute for LGBTQ Youth. Guests Meg Flather, Bobbie Horowitz, Meg Flather, Aaron Morishita and Ira Lee Collings join the Groovin’ Gang, Woody, Ann, Jason Ellis, Mary Sue Daniels, & Evelyn Sullivan.

Our Groovin “Guitarchestra”: Pat Dornelles, Phil Mougis, Tenzin Gyaltsen, Tenzin Gawa, Ralphie Mendoza & Vicky Alvarez return to support the fun!

Come early for Groovin’s  first-ever Mini- Art Exhibit of several up-and-coming visual artists!

“It’s Just a Number!” 2018

“It’s Just a Number!” 2019

October 17th 2019

December 18th 2019

New Shows are Being planned

“It’s Just a Number!” 2018

Here’s a montage of some of the shows

It's Just a Number Montage


Its Just a Number Great Honorees and Performers

“It’s Just a Number!” 2017

“It’s Just a Number!” will be presented and hosted by Bobbie on May 15th an will honor two performers, one of whom doubles as a medical practitioner!   Peggy Eason will be the first person to be honored TWICE in this series. Bind from birth, she learned to keep a positive attitude and to  succeed despite not being able to see. She has to face even more challenges last year and was able to keep going and smiling despite what was happening. Rian Keating is a magnificent singer – who happens to be DEAF! He had other additional physical challenges to face when he was younger and – guess what? He not only faced them, but created things most young people never even begin to try to create. You can reserve in advance, to be sure to have a space, by going to the site and putting Bobbie Horowitz in the ‘Search” bar. You can also call 212-206-0440.



The  “It’s Just a Number!”  presented on March 20th 2016 had a packed house and the feedback about the event was wonderful!

3 Fabulous people over age 50, Rev. Shawn Moninger, Father Jeffrey Hamblin and Actors Temple Pres. Carol Ostrow -Who Each Contribute to the Entertainment Community AND to the Spiritual Community – were honored .

MANY MAC AWARD NOMINEES performed to honor these three beloved people. Many of those nominees won the award at the awards ceremony on March 28th!


Bobbie sang one of her songs, “Never a Freshman Again!” at her 55th Cornell Reunion in Ithaca on June 9th.


Bobbie appeared in the 21st Anniversary Theater For the New City, Lower East Side Festival on May 29th



The last “It’s Just a Number!” in her Special Series at The Metropolitan Room on May 25th 2017’s  Honoree was beloved Georgia Businessman Jim Speake who did his first cabaret show at age 60 and won his first MAC Award for his recording at age 70 in 2016!

The great performers in this show were – here goes!!: Mark Nadler, Judith Ann Graham, Lennie Watts, Georgia Osborne Stephen Ray Watkins, Kim Grogg, Wendy Russel Natasha Castillo & Robin Kradles



“It’s Just a Number!” show on March 10th at 7PM had as The Honoree  Barbara Malley – beloved performer – psychologist – former school teacher and NUN for her first 12 years out of college!

The performers who joined Bobbie honoring Barbara Malley were:
Are you ready?Jae Maynard! Charles Baran! Bob Diamond!
Joey Infante – Jay Rogers – Sally Darling – Ruth Carlin – Meg Flather &
Gretchen Reinhagen!


The Special Series “It’s Just a Number!” has been playing at The Metropolitan Room since April 2015. Bobbie honors someone over the age of 50 (more are 60-70-80-90+ who have something fabulous and usually new going on their lives. Great performers of all ages join Bobbie to honor the Honoree.

“Shows Ta Go Ya! & Other Songs by Bobbie Horowitz was nominated for the 2015 MAC Award for Best Revue.

Bobbie  participated in the never before presented Guinness Book of Records Cabaret Marathon presented by The Metropolitan Room and seen internationally!  The Marathon went on from Midnight January 1st –  January 4th without a break!

Bobbie’s son David F. Slone, Esq also performed in the Marathon

Bobbie performed with Bill Zeffiro at the piano in a benefit for Zani’s Furry Friends,  hosted by Sarah Rice, at the Laurie Beechman Theatre on Saturday, November 29th at 7:00 PM.

The Metropolitan Room Honored Bobbie on November 24th with “This Is Your Night Bobbie Horowitz!” Many noted performers, including Chuck Cooper, T. Oliver Reid, Mark Nadler, Elaine St. George, Rob Langeder andStacie Perlman Langeder, Rev. Yolanda, Corrina Sowers Adler & Stearns Matthews, Donna Lorge and Warren Schein, Sidney Myer, Ricky Ritzelperformed.   It was an amazing night. 

Bobbie Horowitz presented “Bobbie Horowitz Strikes Accord” atThe Metropolitan Room on October 16th. Accord was brought to fruition for people with all sexual orientations. The show starred: Mark Nadler, Elaine St. George, Rob and Stacie Perlman & Rev. Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes. Bill Zeffiro was Musical Director

Bobbie Guest Starred in The Dana Lorge Variety Show at The Metropolitan Room on September 12th 2015.  




Shows To Go Ya! & Other Songs By Bobbie Horowitz – at The Metropolitan Room.  Sept 9th & 29th – both at 7PM



Unity Cabaret Matinee:  Honoring The Jewish Contributio to the American Songbook – at TheUnity Center 213 West 58th Street. Sept. 11th 2-4PM






Bobbie performed several times and continues to perform at Salon, hosted by Mark Janas –  on Sunday evenings at Etcetera, Etcetera.  She performed this past Sunday for the Salon’s 9th Anniversary. 




Last summer Bobbie was the Guest Star at the Unity Center of Norwalk’s Open Mic.hosted by Kenneth Gartman.


Bobbie performed in Shows Ta Go Ya and other Songs By Bobbie Horowitz at The Triad in January. 


Bobbie performed at AIDS patients at The Friend’s Health Center Decemvber 23rd. 

Bobbie performed at the Unity Cabaret Matinee on December 26th.




Great Songwriters: Up Close – Was presented at The Metropolitan Room on October 14, 2013. The room was packed and people kept hanging out. The Songwriters who were honored were: John Meyer, Larry Livingston (represented by his son Dennis) and Ervin Drake. The singers included, Stacy Sullivan, John Gabriel, Rosemary Loar, Adam Shapiro, Laurie Krauz,Scott Coulter, David F. Slone, Kat Gang & Marissa Mulder, John Meyer and Ervin Drake also sang – as did Bobbie.



The Open Forum for The Singers Forum – September 20th – 7:30 PM. Bobbie is Guest Star Spotlight, along with Dana Lorge, for this Open Mic run by the Singers Forum – at 49 West 24th Street 4th floor.  $10



The Unity Autumn Cabaret Matinee at The Unity Center 213 West 58th St. 2-4 PM Bobbie hosts the event and enrolls top performers as well as performing in this event. Bill Zeffiro is at the piano.   The audiences have been ecstatic! No reservation needed. Suggested “Love Offering” $15.



Bobbie guest stared in “The Dana Lorge Variety Show”- oOctober 2, 7PM – at The Metropolitan Room, 34 West 22nd Street. This show has become very successful! Bobbie shared the evening with Stacy Sullivan, Miles Phillips and Jeffrey Gurian. Barry Levitt is on the keyboard and John Burr is on bass.   $20.00 with a $5:00 discount for MAC  members. Call 212-206-0440 for reservations.


On October 14th 7PM Bobbie Presented “Great Songwriters Close” at the Metropolitian Room 34 West 22nd Street. In this show Bobbie honors John Meyer, Jerry Livingston (His son Dennis will be there to represent his late father) & Ervin Drake. The noted line up of singers includes: John Gabriel, Stacy Sullivan, Rosemary Loar, Marissa Mulder, Kat Gang, Adam Shapiro, Laurie Krauz, Scott Coulter and David F. Slone



On April 21sr Bobbie Guest Hosted The Salon at Etcetera Etcetera.

On April 20th Bobbie hosted  the Unity Springtime Cabaret Matinee. 

Bobbie was the featured performer at Parnell’son April 6th. 

“Shows Ta Go Ya!” …and other Songs of Bobbie Horowitz” was  originally  performed on March 4th at 3PM Stage 72 (formerly
The Triad).  P
erformed by cabaret stars:  Corinna Sowers Adler (also producer and director), Dana Lorge, Bob Diamond & Stearns Matthews – who are each nominated for a 2013 MAC Award as is our Muical Director Bill Zeffiro. Corinna Sowers Adler produced, perfomed in and directed this musical revue. KEEP TUNED!



The Unity Center Valentine’s Cabaret Matinee was presented on Febrruary 26th at the Unity Center 213 West 58th Street. I put together the cast and hosted and Bill Zeffiro was at the Grand Piano  along with  David Jarvis & Tracy Stark The great line-up included: Gretchen Reinhagen, Corinna Sowers Adler, Dana Lorge, Bob Diamond, Marieann Meringolo, Gary Crawford, David Vernon, Nicole Kafka, Daryl Glenn, Laurie Krauz, Lauren Robert, David F. Slone, Esq., Julie Smith, Valton Jackson, etc. etc. etc.

Bobbie hosted a Special Matinee Open Mic at The Unity Center of New York on Saturday October 27th. It was open all – from brand new singers to experienced, well-known pros. In addtion known performers – KT Sullivan, Reverend Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes,  Dana Lorge, Richard  Skipper & David F. Slone. Esq. were specially featured.
On October 23rd Bobbie was a featured performer at The Iridium in Dana Lorge and Barry Levitt’s Variety Show with special guest star Dominic Chianese.
  • On October 17, 2012 Bobbie sang Shows Ta Go Ya at The Salon hosted by Tanya Holt, with Mark Janas at the piano.
  • On September 27th Bobbie sang Something’s Rotten In Transylvania and It Ain’t Right at the Taffe Jaffy show at the Cornelia Street Café. She was Accompanied by Steven Lowenthal.
  • On July 11th Bobbie sang a song she wrote with John Meyer at the final night of Wednesday Night at the Iguana, the multiple MAC Award winning weekly booked variety show produced by Dana Lorge.
  • On June 5thBobbie sang a Horowitz & Spector song, that the team wrote in 2001with the late Malcolm Dodds for the ILGWU chorus,  at a special private fundraiser for the NAICA Native Americans, in preparation for a big concert this fall. Mindy Fradkin Moussa with her husband Roland Vargas Mousaa are producing. Pete Seeger is very active with this organization.  


  • On June 6th Bobbie was featured in a special Comedy Night at The Tudor City Greens Concert.  Donations to keep this beautiful privately maintained park for the public green and vital!
  • Bobbie  sang two more Horowitz & Spector risqué tunes in the  wild and sassy Taffy Jaffe Show, accompanied by Matthew Baram on piano, at The Cornelia Street Café on May24th . 
  • Bobbie was a featured performer at Dana Lorge’s MAC Award winnning, “Wednesday Night at the Iguana” on May 23rd. 240 West 54th Street. The show honored Bobbie on her birthday and the line up of cabaret stars from Terese Genecco with Sean Harkness to Marilyn Maye was fantastic! Bill Zeffiro played the keys & Saadi Zain was on bass.

Bobbie Horowitz and Steve Lowenthal @ Cornelia Street Cafe



  • On April 11th  Bobbie was a featured performer at the 2012 MAC Award winning Variety Show, Wednesday Night at the Iguana.
  • Bobbie sang her songs in Le Squeezebox Cabaret at The lower East Side’s Cafe Drom on April 4th in honor of the birthday of David F. Slone, Esquire.
  • Bobbie was featured in the MAC AwaRd winning variety show Wednesday Night at the Iguana on March 28th.
  • Bobbie  sang a couple of Horowitz & Spector risqué tunes in this wild and sassy Taffy Jaffe Show at The Cornelia Street Café on March 24th..
  • Bobbie sang the beloved Horowitz & Spector Parody: No Pork, No Pork!  guesting in Evan Laurence Presents! Standards and Parodies!  An amalgam of music, comedy and burlesque on  Wednesday February 22nd from 9-11:30PM at the elegant  Ella Lounge 9 Ave. A (at Houston Street)
  • Bobbie was a “surprise guest star”, singing  a brand new song she wrote,  at Don’t Tell Mama on Saturday on Saturday Feb. 11th at 7:30. The event, produced by Sue Matsuki honors Richard Skipper on his Birthday and Carol Channing and her late husband Harry’s arts foundation for youth. Richard has been devoted to this foundation and it’s important to keep it flying!
  • Bobbie performed at “Wednesday Night At the Iguana”, produced by Dana Lorge on February 1st.  The evening will also offered a multiple birthday celebration. Among the celebrants is accompanist Barry Levitt.  The Iguana is located at 240 West 54th Street.  
  • Kenneth Gartman’s “Ballsy Christmas”  – Featured Performer – at Don’t Tell Mama – December 18, 2011
  • The Salon at Etcetera, Etcetera – December 11, 2011

You Tube Bobbie 2011



You Tube Horowitz & Spector 1988

Horowitz & Spector performing Boiled Chicken

Horowitz & Spector Were Winners of the MAC Award for BEST COMEDY DUO



Bobbie Performing at the Hear Our Song Concert April 7, 2011

Bobbie singing “Doin’ it for America!”


Bobbie Performing at The Men’s University Glee Club 2011


Bobbie singing “Never a Freshman Again!”

Words& Music by Bobbie Horowitz


Bobbie Performing at Le Squeezebox Cabaret April 4, 2011



Horowitz &  Spector Performing at a Times Square Group Fundraiser 2005

NOTE: Caricature by Sam Norkin

In recent years Bobbie is known to be a featured performer in music nights around town.

This past April she was asked to join a star line-up performing in,  “Hear Our Song” –  a fundraising concert held, for a audience of over 500, in Norwalk’s Town Hall. Some of the other performers included in the cast were Lucie Arnaz, Larry Luckinbill, David Friedman, Scott Coulter, Rosemary Loar, Raissa Katonah Bennett, Kenneth Gartmen, Nancy Timpanaro, Lina Koutrakis and (a new star on the rise), Christina Conners.