Bobbie Horowitz


Let Me Write a Song For YOU!

Let’s  discuss the type of song you want and how soon you’ll n need it.
I often get composers to write the music to my lyrics. Sometimes I write the melody.

We can discuss the price, which will depend on the amount of work required to complete the song.

I can also write parodies for you, should you wish one.

There is, usually, no charge for you to do a live performance of a song I’ve already written. I ask that you let me know when and where you’ll be singing any song of mine so tat I can alert ASCAP. If it contributes to a writer’s show charges to the writer  may apply and the writers and I can discuss the possible charges.

I’ve written songs for several people and I’ll gladly put you in touch with them, so you can hear form them how it worked.

I often appear at  “Salon” presented most Sunday nights from 7:30-10:30PM at Don’t Tell Mama! by Tanya Moberly and Mark Janas. I always sing a song I’ve written. Other performers have performed my songs in their shows and at events, due to my having sung them at “Salon”.

I’m, proudly, a member of The Songwriters Alliance, which was founded by Tom Toce.


Bobbie’s song “Doin’ It For America!”
for which David Friedman wrote the music. (David is composer for the 2018 Outer Critics Circle Award Winning Musical “Desperate Measures”) was presented as part of Urban Stages holiday festival this year.  The evening will consist of songs written by members of The New York Songwriters Alliance founded by songwriter Tom Toce, who is also heading up the Urban Stages series.

Bobbie sang “Lots of Love From Me To You!”-  a Christmas Song she wrote with Sharon “Spector” Schapow and the late Ben Martini – in Anne McCormacks Groovin’ Christmas Show.

Songwriters Alliance Premiere Showcase
Monday, December 19th 2016 at The Metropolitan Room
There were two different shows: One at 6:30 PM and one at 9:00 PM

“Lots of Love From Me To You”
Lyrics by Horowitz & Spector – Music by the late Ben Martini
was sung by Marissa Mulder in the 6:30 show


“Doin’ It For America!” – Words by Bobbie Horowitz & Music by David Friedman
“Shows Ta Go Ya!” – Words by Horowitz & Spector & Music by Ben Martini
was sung by Bobbie in the 9:00 PM show.

“It’s Just a Number!”

In each show in this series Bobbie performs one or two of her own songs and often other performers also preform songs she’s written.

Gas Lamp Teen Singers

trained by Corinna Sowers Adler, who along with her husband  produced “Shows Ta Go Ya! … & Other Songs by Bobbie Horowitz” sang Bobbie’s “When the Curtain Goes Up On a Musical as their opener and closer at their show on June 12th at Don’t Tell Mama!

2016 MAC Awards: Bobbie Horowitz Won  “BEST HOST” for her series “It’s Just a Number!” presented at The Metropolitan Room


2015 MAC Awards:  “Shows Ta Go Ya! … & Other Songs by Bobbie Horowitz” was nominated for the 2015 MAC  AWARD for BEST REVUE!          MAC = The Manhattan Association of Cabarets & Clubs




“Shows Ta Go Ya! … & Other Songs by Bobbie Horowitz” Was presented at The Metropolitan Room  by Bobbie Horowitz. The cast consisted of award winners and nominees Dana Lorge, Warren Schein,  Stearns Matthews & Corrina Sowers Adler – with Bill Zeffiro at the piano! and directed by Corinna Sowers Adler at t!  David F. Slone, Esq.  was a Special Guest.




“Shows Ta Go Ya! … & Other Songs by Bobbie Horowitz” was presented at Stage 72 at The Triad for 2 performances by Nicori Studios with the  same cast as above.    Sidney Myer – “Mr. Cabaret” himself – was be a Special Guest at both performances!!!!!


March 2015 – Tanya Hold and Marcus Simeone recorded “Scheduling in New York” as part of their new album

A review  for “Scheduling in New York”,  a parody of “Autumn in New York” Bobbie wrote. It was performed in Marcus Simeone and Tanya Holt’s wonderful show at The Metroplitan Room. 

May 11th 2013

“They then do a delightful parody of Autumn in New York, Scheduling in New York, describing the difficulties of putting the show together with musical director Tracy Stark.”
                                  Ron Forman –  WKRB.ORG

Marcus Simeone & Tanya Holt  included Bobbie’s parody, “Scheduling in New York! in their show at The Metropolitan Room in April.


Let an award winning songwriter

write a special song for:

  • You
  • Your friends
  • Your group
  • Your team
  • Your favorite cause
  • Your special occasion


You deserve a song of your own!

If you would like a song of your own  – please contact Bobbie at 212-779-4956.

              She’ll ask you who the song is for – if it’s for an occasion  

  and other questions that will insure you’ll get the song that will thrill you.    

Note: Most songs will take about a month. Bobbie will speak with you on the phone before she begins, and will keep in contact with you during the writing process to be sure you get the song you want.

Price, beginning at $1,000 will depend on the complexity of the song and will include the cost of having your lead sheet (the written music for an accompanist) and a “composer’s demo” mp3 made for you and emailed to you. There will be a small extra charge if you need a CD mailed to you.

Note: for a song which is fit to the specific person being honored, but based on an already structured song, the cost will be $800. Already structured songs you can listen too below, include: Birthday Songs for Half Century (50 years old), Quarter Century, Century.

If you’re a performer

Bobbie can write a song to fit the theme of your act or CD

                      Again – please contact Bobbie at 212-779-4956.

*You may want to perform a song that Bobbie has already written.

If so, please fill out this form.  

Bobbie will contact you and let you know all the songs she has that may fit what you need.

All she asks is that you let her know when and where you’ll be singing it.  

If you intend to record it, please be prepared to let her know under which label you’ll be recording.  You can discuss any small license fees that may apply.